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  • C5-, E4- and F1-Certification of our cast resin transformers

    created on 08.09.2023

    According to IEC 60076-11 (8/2018) casting resin transformers are used in different fire, Climatic and environmental classes. HTT casting resin transformers are certified according to classes C5, E4 and F1: Appropriate type tests were carried out in the summer of 2023 at the CESI testing institute in Milano (Italy).   With these certifications, HTT cast…

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  • Single-phase transformers for short-circuit tests up to 150kA

    created on 14.11.2022

    HTT supplies single-phase transformers connected as three-phase bank for short-circuit tests up to 150kA:

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  • The step into ripple control technology

    created on 03.12.2021

    Audio frequency coupling GDTF   Ripple control technology has proven to be an important tool for grid control over many decades. It is a proven, reliable and efficient way to control and regulate the electrical load in the grid. For example, street lighting, peak switching off of power peaks such as heating systems or adjusting…

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  • Expansion of our sales team

    created on 03.05.2021

    Expansion of our sales team Since April 2021, our new colleague Stefan Baldus has been supporting our team. We would like to welcome him very warmly and introduce him briefly:     Mr. Baldus will work as a sales manager in the future and will be the contact person for all questions relating to cast…

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