Made in Germany

Something you can rely on

Exemplary work to ensure
the reliable and safe energy supply to 
industrial systems – preferably HTT.

For the production of high-performance transformers and competent customer support: HTT offers excellent services connected to safe power supplies.

To keep our promise to you, we work in line with our mission every day. It forms the basis for our work culture and contains the following principles that you can rely on:


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Personally responsible

You have one contact partner that deploys all resources at HTT for you and is very familiar with your requirements and specifications.

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Custom fitted

Thanks to an in-depth understanding of your requirements, we are able to deliver products in the precise output level you require. And we also surprise you with added value.

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Straight to target

From your enquiry through to the submission of our bid, the engineering work and delivery – you will be astounded by our speed. Our recipe for success is to deliver great results much faster than expected!