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HTT continues to invest for the future

HTT continues to invest for the future

created on 8/16/2012

Continual growth and consequent investments into pioneering production technology establish HTT as a competent and competitive company.

A transformer is not »simply« just a transformer – it must be optimally adapted to the respective task and economical to purchase. It should work in a way that is extremely energy efficient and also be available at short notice.

But how is this achieved?

Specific operation and equipment requirements demand a production that is modern and as flexible as possible, in order to tailor the transformer exactly to the customer’s requirements. A production, in which the customer must adapt his specific requirements to the production techniques of the transformer manufacturer, is not a solution for HTT.

Instead of drawing up the most compliant serial production possible, from an early stage HTT has invested in technology, which enables the best possible flexibility in the production process.

The latest investment is a highly modern winding machine for aluminium foil coils. In addition to the existing machines for copper or aluminium coils, the foil winding machine is another milestone in producing transformers »as diverse as the requirements« of the customers.

In today’s production, copper or aluminium foil coils are processed for high voltage coils 10 to 400 mm² in cross-section (breadth from approx. 20 to 200 mm, thickness from 0.2 to 2.0 mm), as well as wire coils from ø 0.8 mm to approx. ø 5.0 mm and profile wire coils up to approx. 12.5 x 5.6 mm in cross section, and several wires can be wound in parallel for a variable conductor cross-section.

For low voltage coils, copper or aluminium wire coils are processed from profile wire up to approx. 12.5 x 5.6 mm as well as strip coils up to 2 mm thick and approx. 2.0 m wide.

High voltage coils are always intrinsically casted under vacuum. The construction of low voltage coils can be carried out both as intrinsic vacuum encapsulation, as well as using the Prepeg insulation material. In this way, transformers can be optimally adapted to the wide range of operation and environment conditions.

This flexibility, combined with the most modern production technology and technical expertise, distinguishes HTT as a company which has the right to assert the name »The Transformer Manufactory«!