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HTT–transformers are used across the globe

Whether it is for a Formula 1 wind channel in Great Britain, oil platforms and pipelines in China or a gold mine in Indonesia – HTT transformers are used across the globe.

More than 800 transformers for leading silicon manufacturer

The complex polysilicon production process makes very special demands of the transformers used because with a process duration of up to one week, constant temperature control is essential and the power supply during this time must be guaranteed reliably. HTT has established itself as the market leader for the development and manufacture of these transformers because it is able to reliably ensure the combination of variable output voltages for different current loads in the components necessary for the manufacturing process. In the boom years of polysilicon production, HTT supplied more than 800 of these transformers with outputs of 2000 up to 15100 kVA to leading polysilicon manufacturers across the globe between 2006-2014 alone. To meet the enormous demand it faced, HTT tripled its workforce during this period and set up a second factory in a very short time.

More than 40 transformers for the world’s largest pipe-laying vessel

Special ships, such as pipe-laying vessels, use electrical motors to drive the propellers and therefore require extensive and high-performance on-board power systems. Accordingly, transformers are required that not only guarantee this level of performance, but are also extremely mechanically durable, able to withstand the changing climatic conditions on board and designed to be as compact as possible. HTT was the preferred supplier of the required transformers for some of the world’s largest pipe-laying vessels. For the largest of these kinds of vessels in the world, HTT supplied more than 40 transformers with a total output of 170 MVA, primarily 24-pulse current-converter transformers with outputs of 7.0 MVA that met the Lloyds Specification.

Specialist for testing transformers

As a manufacturer of special transformers, HTT is in great demand. We are particularly proud of the reputation we have earned over recent decades in the test field transformer sector. Reputed test institutes from across the world are our customers. More than forty single and three-phase testing transformers, partly for shock short-circuit testing up to 300kA and primary regulators for more than 150 different setting options have now left our factory and work reliably for our customers.